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AKC (Am) & IABCA (Int’l) Ch. Tamoora’s Night Prowler,CGC “Prowler”
Health clearances:

Prowler is my “reincarnated monk”. He is very laid back to put it mildly. He has not met an animal, or insect for that matter, that he doesn’t get along with! Everything becomes his “baby” & he protects it. He is a part time livestock guardian dog with the Boer goats. 
Prowler is 33”tall & 148lbs.
Finished 2010 ranked #13 in all breed & breed (Canine Chronicle System & Show Sight System), Multiple BOB winner
Available to approved girls by frozen semen, Proven sire
 Now has a frozen collection available for most International shipping
Check out Ch. Sahmi, a son from Prowler’s first litter. Don’t forget to check out the Prowler Puppies link at the bottom!
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